The Pinnacle of Accommodation in Rotorua

“Wai Ora”, a Maori term which means “healing waters”, encapsulates the experience at Hells Gate as a historic cultural spa experience that dates back more than 700 years. Today “Wai Ora” is now the parent brand of a group of related activities that still utilise the qualities of our healing waters. Wai Ora heals physically, mentally and spiritually. Wai Ora is an integral component of both Rotorua Spa and New Zealand Spa history.

The Wai Ora Lakeside Spa Resort provides the contemporary New Zealand Cultural Spa Experience with the environment of the lake and spring water underpinning the Wai Ora Spa and accommodation Rotorua experience.

The two spa experiences within the group can be accessed separately or in combination and while each provides a different experience, together they make up a very unique spa offering that is “The New Zealand Cultural Spa Experience”.

The Wai Ora Lakeside Spa Resort site has an interesting history extending back almost 100 years when it was part of the “Redwood Estate” established in 1925 with the building of the Dutch Colonial Designed house that is now the centre piece of the Te Amorangi Museum, located some 300 metres from the Resort.

This farm was later sold to a Major Hannah (a member the Hannah’s shoe shop family) in the late 1930’s who built a house and servant quarters closer to the lake front which is now the Restaurant, Bar and Reception of the Wai Ora Lakeside Spa Resort. The property was later sold to the Holden family, another noted family of Rotorua that has a number of family members still residing in close proximity to the resort. These two families are recognised with the naming of the bays in front of the resort as Hannah’s and Holden’s Bay.

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