January, 2012 - New Zealand Beef and Lamb Excellence

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Here at Wai Ora Lakeside Spa Resort, home of the esteemed Mokoia Restaurant we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Excellence Award for the third consecutive year. The Excellence Awards are designed to acknowledge a consistently high standard of beef and lamb cuisine. Between September and November 2011,Mokoia Restaurant was anonymously assessed on its beef and lamb dishes for which we received praise for our tasty, skilfully composed and superbly presented local cuisine.

Mokoia Restaurant prides itself on creating high quality Pacific Rim cuisine, infused with local flavors of indigenous herbs and spices. through the use of these unique flavours and quality meats, award-winning chef Ervin Garde' and his team aim to bring out the essences of New Zealand culture within their food. Mokoia Restaurant's current Beef and Lamb dishes are available on both lunch and dinner menus and are recommended to be tasted by the option of shared dining where you can select a combination of three delectable dishes to share between two people.