6 March, 2012 - Mokoia Restaurant Ranks Number One

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The award-winning Mokoia Restaurant has reached the top ranking on as first among eighty restaurants in the Rotorua area with guests leaving glowing reviews and a 100% recommendation for a fine dining experience.

Trip Advisor, the worlds most extensive travel site, provides a forum for independent guest reviews on travel destinations, dining and accommodation. The restaurants top ranking is achieved through high scores across the areas of Food, Service, Value and Atmosphere.

Guests from both local and international destinations have left outstanding reviews praising Mokoia Restaurant and chef Ervin Garde's menu and recommending the shared dining experience for a great value dining experience with comments such as "seriously to die for food with lake view in peaceful surroundings" and "this one has world-class presentation, superb ingredients and a high standard of cooking".

Mokoia Restaurant provides a consistently high standard of fine-dining that allows guests to enjoy a range of delicious indigenous flavours and fusion taste sensations.